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View from Skagway's Small Boat Harbor
View from Skagway's Small Boat Harbor
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Skagway Fishing Charters

Captain Joe has Salmon fished his entire life. Growing up in Michigan and raised on the water with his father and grandfather who are both Captains. Moved to Alaska in 1997 and has been fishing these waters around Skagway ever since. He has placed fish in every Fishing Derby in Skagway since they began eight years ago. The only Captain in Skagway to be featured in several TV shows including instructional videos about Salmon fishing in Alaska over the last 17 years. You can see three shows being aired now on Fox Sports and other channels locally or click below to watch them NOW.

Fishing Skagway Alaska.
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Fishing the Yukon----Dave and the crew head to the Yukon with Capt. Joe Warchuck.

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The boys travel to Skagway Alaska in search of some serious rod bending action.

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Part two of an amazing trip to Alaska proves to be the best ever. 

"My passion is fishing and my goal is to share that true Alaska experience with everyone. I work hard everyday to achieve that goal on every trip and strive to make Fat Salmon the highlight of every Alaskan adventure".

Captain Joe Warchuck with a Skagway King Salmon.
Captain Joe Warchuck with a Skagway King Salmon.

Fat Salmon is a Skagway fishing charter business that operates underneath the splendid glacial peaks that surround the city of Skagway. The unique natural geography of the area, combined with recent efforts to enhance fish stocks, has made Skagway fishing charters some of the best and most productive in all of Southeast Alaska.

Skagway fishing charters with Fat Salmon begin at Skagway’s small boat harbor, within walking distance from where the cruise ships dock. From there it is a short trip, often less than 5 minutes, to the fishing grounds. Mile-high glaciers forged the depths of Skagway’s waters during the last ice age. These 1000-foot plus depths are prime habitat for four species of Alaska salmon, including the fattest of all salmon, the King or Chinook. Skagway fishing charters target these waters.

Less time traveling to the fish means more time catching them. Skagway fishing charters are unique in this important way, making it the destination of choice for anglers who prefer catching fish to chasing them during their limited stay.

Image of The fully equipped 35-foot yacht “Badly Bent”
The fully equipped 35-foot yacht “Badly Bent”
The Truth About Skagway Fishing Charters

Most Southeast Alaska tourist destinations have numerous commercial and sport fishing vessels. Many of the charter boats do business directly with the cruise lines, which drives up prices to the visitor. When it comes to Skagway fishing charters, there is a small fleet of sport fishing charter vessels that operate independently from the cruise ships. As a result, many of the commission-seeking tour salesmen on board the cruise ships say that Skagway fishing charters are sub-par compared to other communities.

Not only is this misleading, it is just plain wrong. Skagway has virtually no commercial fishing fleet to speak of, which means less pressure on the fish and more to land on a Skagway fishing charter. Also, two separate runs of king salmon, means the fat salmon run late into the season for Skagway fishing charters, when other communities to the south are left targeting dog salmon and Dolly Varden char, because their kings are long gone.
Angler with "Badly Bent" Pole
Expect your pole to be “badly bent” when fighting a FAT Chinook or the notorious Ivory King Salmon.
Two Runs of Kings Makes Skagway Fishing Charters the Best in the Business

Skagway fishing charters have always boasted a solid summer-long run of “feeder” kings. These bright, bruising fish are the hardest fighting of all the salmon and provide a real test for even the most experienced anglers. Unique to Skagway fishing charters, many of these feeders are “ivory kings,” a delicious white-fleshed variety that make for incredible table fare both cooked and smoked.

The feeders run late into September, making Skagway fishing charters productive throughout the tourist season.

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Smiling Angler with Large Salmon

Skagway’s hatchery program has created a second run of kings that boosts the productivity of Skagway fishing charters from June into late August. These fish grow big, and are plentiful. Virtually no commercial fishing pressure and the close proximity of the fish makes this run a one-of-a-kind in practically the entire state, and means more fish for Skagway fishing charters. Skagway’s salmon derby coincides with this run of fish and Fat Salmon Charters is an active supporter of this charitable event.

Fish caught with Fat Salmon Charters in Skagway, AK
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Captain Joe will make your Skagway fishing charter an unforgettable experience. All gear, snacks and beverages are provided. We let you hook, fight and catch your own fish on your Skagway fishing charter, offering assistance only when you request it. Captain Joe offers experience and a love of the sport and will do everything possible to ensure you have the best chance of catching a fat salmon on your Skagway fishing charter that will be the envy of your friends back home.

On your Skagway fishing charter we offer a full menu of processing and shipping options for your fish, so you can enjoy the fine taste of wild Alaska salmon in the comfort of your own dining room. When deciding on a Skagway fishing charter the choice is clear. Choose Captain Joe and Fat Salmon charters and make your Alaska fishing dreams a reality.

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